Richard Stallman

There’s a great interview with Richard Stallman on the Linux Action Show from last Sunday (11th March 2012).

Most people don’t think much about their freedom to browse the web, to run the operating system they choose, to read what they like, to write and read and change the code their computers runs, to participate in making things, to share, to borrow, to buy/read e-books without being traced and checked, and so forth. These things matter and Richard Stallman, agree with him or not (and I mostly do), makes us think about these fundamental freedoms. So I’d recommend listening to the interview and perhaps considering how much your lifestyle contributes to the profitability of those that would restrict your freedom, and how much it contributes to a culture of open-ness, characterised by the freedom to share, read, copy, and change code, to run whatever operating system you choose, to not be routinely traced, tracked, online – especially without your consent. Most people mostly don’t have these freedoms….

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