Carson City Meandering – Tuesday 13th May 2014 (10 miles walked, biked, but 0 miles on route)

Today Guy finally got his gear lever fixed – he has had to hold the gear lever when in a high gear and that’s difficult to do while also avoiding potholes, staying in the right bit of the road, braking, etc. So it was necessary – and was fixed by a clever man at Bike Habitat (shop in a big out of town shopping park) who had a similar part and fixed it on. Guy also bought a new tyre.

Bicycle now fixed we set off and I had a puncture… aaah, time for a three mile walk back into town. Fortunately this took us past the Railroad Museum (closed on Tues), the Nevada Legislature (lovely shady spot), the Museum of Nevada (open and full of interest). We were told the brewery we wanted to visit had ceased trading, and the location we had for it was shut.

Carson City is named after the Carson River which flows nearby, and that is named for Kit Carson, tracker and scout supreme who found his way over the Carson Pass, that we must do tomorrow, back in the mid 19th century as a quick way through the Sierra Nevada to California. There was a sculpture of him near the legislature.

The museum had some curious thing in it – an early 20th century quad bike – that is a bike for four people. This bike broke the mile record back in 1905 for the Reno Wheelers (just down the road – they went a mile in about a minute and a half on that quad contraption, goody goody yum yum…). Bicycling was once popular here, tho’ it’s rare enough now. We saw some nice ‘bike underground’ murals. The bike is there but waiting to make a re-emergence – when the oil or global warming finally peak, surely soon, surely soon. The pic at the top is an example from a wall mural. Looks a bit banksy doesn’t it?

This area was mostly gold and silver mining – indeed that’s Nevada more widely – and had it’s own mint where they issued coins. Finished off by the gold standard apparently, so in these days of money printing it could, you’d think, make a return – real gold and silver coinage. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) made his debut at Virginia City just down the road in the midst of the hunt for precious metals.

We ate tofu at the Pho Country Vietnamese Restaurant – great value – and opposite the Camp N Town Campsite. Finally a Green Flash Double Stout to accompany our books. Tomorrow back on the road, and with luck we’ll get both into California and over the biggest pass of the entire journey (well, a few hundred feet more than the Emory Pass back in New Mexico). Watch out for the next thrilling instalment!

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the postcard. The Zion National Park does look beautiful.

    Good luck with the steep climbs and headwinds. Best wishes,

    Richard, Andy Hotrod and all the gang