Fallon to Carson City – Tuesday 12th May 2014 (65 miles, about 61 on route)

We didn’t leave very fast since the internet wifi was flaky and it took ages to finish off uploading a photo, etc, to the blog. And for the first time in a while there was a good phone signal so we could phone our mums, and we finalised our accommodation in Frisco – which we plan to stay in from the 23rd. We’ll likely try to reach a romantic seashore before then so the coast to coast ends at Point Reyes or suchlike – in Marin County north of Frisco. We should have a few days, kept for mechanical/physical/weather problems, that will give us the time to do this rather than go straight to the official end of the route at the Golden Gate. There’s nothing quite as excellent in its way as a headland with a lighthouse and a billowing sea. We will be going off the Adventure Cycling transam route then so we are still working it out.

The road from Fallon to Carson City is mostly flattish with a small uphill tendency as we approach the Sierra Nevada which we started to glimpse, snowcapped, in the distance. There is one decent hill just after Dayton and it’s quite busy at that point (dual carriageway) but there is, throughout the busy bits, a wide hard shoulder which was clear most of the time for us.

Not a tremendous day scenically except for the glimpses of the Sierra Nevada – we’ve been spoilt by the mountains and huge basins of Nevada in the last week. There was a decent collection of wild flowers, probably a relative of the dandelion, alongside the road.

We hauled up at the Camp ‘N Town RV Park where we have been assigned a superb lawn to camp on tho’ apparently the owner isn’t here so we may have to move – we have catmint and rosemary by us on one side and an ornamental tree or two on t’other. Camping in the garden.

Great Vietnamese food (tofu, veggie food, occupies a whole chunk of the menu!) opposite too. We are going to spend a day here to see if we can do a rumoured brewery tour, wash our clothes, fix Guy’s gear lever, consider buying tyres, see the local railway museum, and possibly do some other museums (Carson City is the capital of the state of Nevada)

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