Eureka We Found It – Thursday 8th May 2014 (81 miles, about 79 on route)

a view towards the little antelope passThe ride from Ely to Eureka is a long road with no food or water. It goes over four cols but only three are a serious climb where the 7000′ contour is crossed. Today was a cool day but with very little wind, so a good day for this route. We met a fellow cyclist pretty much the moment we set out of our motel. He was shopping in Tru Value, just across from where we had been staying. Andreas Wobik, an austrian, has a webite at – he set off initially from New Orlean, has toured around Salt Lake and Las Vegas (he was headed back there when we met him). He is planning to head up north – Vancouver I think.

Guy, who is planning to cycle through Austria soon, was particularly helped by his advice about central european bike routes.

Then we started doing the serious cycling of the day – the cols were all decently graded and the traffic was light. This is the loneliest highway in the USA apparently, though we thought it was only 30 percent more lonely than the standard highway. Perhaps it’s just lonely in the evenings.

The cloud thickened as the day progressed – but we stil managed to get to Eureka without getting wet. We eventually chose the Sundowner Motel as the place to stay – $54 for two people. Thundery rain is expected tonight, then clear skies for our next day’s cycling.

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One Response to Eureka We Found It – Thursday 8th May 2014 (81 miles, about 79 on route)

  1. Robrrt says:

    Hello fellas, I have been following you two since I met you near Kingston , New Mexico. Enjoyed meeting two guys who are enjoying life. Keep it up as you move forward.