Across to Nevada (Baker) – Monday 5th May 2014 (86 miles, 84 on route)

Today we cycled across a very impressive landscape of mountain range and basin. We set off at 9.30am and climbed uphill to the first pass, Frisco, at 6460′. A few thousand people used to live at this summit, mining for silver. Then we plunged downhill and across a very wide valley, our road going like an arrow straight up the other side. Duststorms rattled along the valley and reduced visibility. Then once again we climbed to well over 6000′, then down and again up to a little bit over 6000′. On this top we met Charlie, cycling ‘Frisco to Virginia on the transam. He has a blog at The wind was either a crosswind or tailwind most of the time for us, so for Charlie it was a crosswind or headwind. He was considering wild camping since the headwind was doing him in.

From that point we had an excellent wind assisted hurtle down to Garrison, and then a slog for the last six miles to Baker. We have camped at the Whispering Pines motel and campground. Pretty good – sold us a decent porter too. Then we went to the restaurant in Baker and ate veggie pizza. All very good. This landscape of basins separated by ranges of mountains is spectacular – but the absence of water or food for long 80 mile stretches is potentially tricky.

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