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Saved by Flowers, Books and Choral Evensong – 25th May 2014 (10 miles of urban biking in Frisky)

Today was our last full day in Frisco so we focussed on the key things. We cycled to a secondhand bookstore (I bought David Byrnes’s Bicycle Diaries), the victorian flower conservatory (jam packed with orchids), choral evensong (Grace Cathedral) and … Continue reading

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Cable Cars, Chinatown, Sore Feet – Saturday 24th May (0 miles on a bike)

We started today by getting cardboard boxes for our bikes. It seems that the cheapest way of getting the bikes boxed up for the return journey is to buy a $10 bike box off a local cycle shop then get … Continue reading

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Back to Frisco via The Fault and the Muir Woods – Friday 23rd May 2014

We found it difficult to get going from the comfy Point Reyes hostel. Afloat on a tide of tea and catching up with our reading, it seemed that today’s 50 miles or so were just a footnote. But we we … Continue reading

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Point Reyes At Last – 22nd May 2014 (51 miles)

Breakfast was fun – an anglican nun (american by birth) chatted to us and, of course, we discovered mutual friends. Theological discussions followed (women bishops, community life, etc). Anyhow, we set out for Point Reyes by going to the Mount … Continue reading

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Ticks Inland, Sharks Offshore, Limantour Beach and Hostel -Wednesday 21st May 2014 (20 miles)

We are getting a touch of bibliomania, and trying to finish the book quota I’ve set for the transam. I’m nearly through Auerbach’s Mimesis (my serious book) but nothing like as much through my middleweight (Botany of Desire, which isn’t … Continue reading

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Camping Amongst the Redwoods at S P Taylor State Park – Tuesday 20th May 2014 (20 miles, but some were uphill)

We ate two breakfasts (one provided by the hostel and fairly average, then a heap of porridge with honey). We packed our panniers and headed for the Frisco to Larkspur Ferry, catching the 10.10am ferry to Larkspur. Larkspur is right … Continue reading

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Frisky Frisco – Monday 19th May 2014 (10 miles of cycling and walking)

We only set ourselves the task of seeing two things today – the Maritime Museum and the SF Botanical Garden. But we did it all by bike and foot, saving the famous cable cars / trams for the visit after … Continue reading

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Getting to the Official Finish (but we’ve got an epilogue) – Sunday 18th May 2014 (44 miles but only 40 on route)

A pleasant ride took us from Fairfield through pretty countryside to Cordelia and then from Cordelia to Vallejo. The second chunk included meeting a protest about the use of drones in the ‘war against terror’. It certainly seems an indiscriminate … Continue reading

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A Fair Distance to Fairfield – Saturday 17th May 2014 (49 miles, 47 miles on route)

We set off very late because we wanted to sort out just what our itinerary is for the remainder of our trip. Officially our route ends at the Golden Gate Bridge (4005.5 miles officially from St Augustine, 4125.5 miles from … Continue reading

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Placerville Downhill To Sacramento – Friday 16th May 2014 (65 miles, but only about 60 on route)

Placerville does have a decent historic core – which we saw when we cycled out of town after managing to leave the motel at about 10.20am. As we rode our bikes towards Folsom the countryside got flatter and the vineyards … Continue reading

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