From East Palatka to Gainsville – 9th March 2014

The clocks went forward one hour, but getting up an hour earlier was never likely so we were running on the previous time today. Besides it was pretty cold at 7am and my feet, the bit of my sleeping bag that isn’t that good, were a touch numb. I must wear more socks.

We got going at 10:30am new time and hurtled over the St John’s River bridge and into Palatka. Then out to Florahome where we took on board a heap of carbs (OK it was an lemon sorbet at the excellent bike store cum secondhand shop where I considered buying lots of things but realism prevailed).

Then on along the bike trail to Putnam Hall then on to Hawthorne on the road then along the bike trail to Gainsville, with a snake on the bike trail called a water moccasin, which is sufficiently poisonous, but a localcyclist moved it gently off the trail with a six foot stick. The habitat here is swamp so it’s ideal for the snake.

Then we hauled up at the Zen Hostel where we did not go to sacred dance or gong meditation, no doubt they would have done us good, but we discovered bottle of smuttynose brewery’s Imperial Stout and reached a bookish nirvana by that shortcut. Today my brain was a bit UK orienated and I kept wanting to cycle on the left though I’ve been fine on the right for days. Guy, sensibly, reminded me a couple of times. It certainly is easier cycling with someone else – shared weight, slipstreaming them when you are feeling like you would prefer to stop and snooze, reminders about which side of the road to cycle, dividing out the tasks – who reads the maps, who warns of debris in the road, etc.

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2 Responses to From East Palatka to Gainsville – 9th March 2014

  1. Andy Raistrick says:

    Sounds like a fab adventure so far. Very jealous. We are missing you. There is nobody to refill the water bottle. Not had coffee for days :-(

    • admin says:

      And we have yet to reach Louisiana – just crossing into Alabama today. I think you would like some of the cars / trucks – masses of chrome, a massive amount of style that I’ve not seen in the UK (not seen a Fiat Panda yet or anything that small!)… Most days we could do with a water cooler – one that followed the bikes.