Biking to the Brewery

A weekend of cycling, last weekend, in Lincolnshire, visiting Bateman’s Brewery and having a quick dip in the sea. The Brewery visit included the Bateman’s tour which was witty (tales of strawberry beer, brewing oddities, etc) well worth it. Bateman’s have beers locally that you don’t get to see in the bottled beers, very good though the bottled beers are. Most of the pubs are in Lincolnshire and we don’t see the seasonals much in Yorkshire. Although the tour doesn’t include much sampling, it does include a half of any beer – a very sensible approach for the folk that are cycling to the brewery. We tried a delicious and smokey porter – Salem Porter I think it was called. Nice to find a dark beer in the midst of Summer – I’m no devotee of golden ales (tho’ very partial to a pale ale). The sea was pleasantly warm – yes, not much of a shock when swimming at Chapel St. Leonards, in a choppy sea. Deliriously pleasant, in fact, to be in the sea at all given that I’ve not been to the sea enough. I must go down to the sea again… etc. I’ll add a picture of some of the brewing process – the old bit rather than the sparklingly new and modern brewing vessels.

I may not have been swimming in the sea enough but at least I’ve planted lots of bee friendly plants and now, when arriving home after a long day, I can watch a little procession of bees visiting the Lavender, Borage, Catmint and Fuchsias. Given Bradford’s sad lack of green space and imaginative planting (though there are some decent roses here and there, there’s not much in the way of wildflower areas, traffic-noise-baffling hedging, serious herbaceous borders and the like), it’s pretty much a protest statement in the form of a yard of pot plants. When you think what housing estates could be like – veg plots, dense planting, rose gardens, shady benches, blossom trees (no need to buy apples at the supermarket), and birdsong, it makes you think a bit critically about why we’ve got what we’ve got. At this point the blog author had to go and lower his blood pressure with a glass of wine.

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