Flowers, Birdsong and Noise

I’ve been wandering around National Trust gardens, awash with azaleas, camellias, clematis, and rhododendrons. Amazed by the peace and quiet of the countryside after Bradford and work. Yes, work is pretty noisy – on Noise Awareness Day t’management moved us into a much much larger and noisier office. I guess they liked the irony. Needless to say, senior management each have their own individual office, no massing of desks for them. But, contrary to all the huge concensus of research the minions are expected to be happy in big offices where you here far too much of everybody else’s conversation, music, etc, etc. Of course, for most of us we’d be better off working from home – less stress, more productive, greener and healthier. So it was with particular delight that I had a week in Devon where the loudest noise was birdsong. Gorgeous. Not a bypass nor a drunk nor many jet planes. Try sleeping outside once night in Summer – it’s great fun, except if you live in an urban area you’ll most likely stay awake all night – I did. The rumbling of jet planes, the roar of traffic on the bypass, the sound of drunk people in the street, made it pretty hopeless for sleeping. If only we could uninvent air travel and cars, and fill the streets with flowering shrubs, apple trees, roses and bike paths. It’d be a fair swap. We live in a world of effectively pointless technology. I’ll add a photo of a flowering NT garden.

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