Spring Tide Walks

low spring tide at the eastern end of Marros SandsAt low tide on the Spring Tide – occur at the equinoxes – it’s possible to walk on sand all the way to both Tenby in one direction and Pendine in the other. In both cases there are places where the gap between cliff and rock and sea is a mere few feet – even at low tide – so timing is important! It certainly gives you a different view of the coast walking on sand past headlands that are usual surrounded by water. TheĀ  narrow point in the Tenby direction is between Monkstone Point and Tenby North Beach, in the Pendine direction it’s just at the eastern end of Marros Beach (a wonderful and fairly remote two mile stretch of sand that has no road to it and is shut in at both ends by headlands). The picture shows the pinch point at the eastern end of Marros Beach – as you can see it isn’t possible to walk on sand even at low tide without wet feet and the water is deeper than you might think.

The low tide (0m) looks impressive – acres of usually seawater covered sand are revealed, including remains of old forests (because Carmarthen Bay was, until the end of the last ice age, wooded land) and a few hints of old wrecks (well, there’s apparently some bits of a schooner from the early Nineteenth Century at the eastern end of Marros Bay though there’s little enough now to see).

We walked to Pendine on sand and back along the new-ish Wales Coast Path – excellent, though quite hilly. The views over Marros Bay are impressive. A great place to escape the crowds for a quiet bathe on a hot summer’s day and a good place for a walk on a cool and drizzly one! The picture shows Marros Bay from the headland at the western end, the tide has now come in two thirds of the total amount. Those waves are very dribbly – the sand shelves very gently and I’d guess that it doesn’t produce a very good surfing wave, Amroth or Wiseman’s is a better bet I think. The headland is now impassible from sea level – though there are footpaths connecting the beach to the coast path so at the expense of a few hundred feet of climbing you can get out and in. Lots of violets and spring blossom. It’s a great place for gorse. Of course…

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