Just how far away is that dot on the sea’s edge…?

Snow on the GowerSnow on the Gower on a recent cold but clear day. This is only about 15 – 20 miles away – I didn’t imagine that it would be possible to see the coast of Devon from the coast of Pembrokeshire – but on a clear day you do get a bit of Devon and you can also see Lundy. This is only possible if you are on the cliff tops by Amroth – though from the beach you can see a very high bit of Exmoor, though you wouldn’t realise it unless you’d already seen the view from Amroth – it just looks like a very distant cloud or ship. They are certainly a long way off, but quite clear if there is decent visibility. I’ll try to get a picture sometime, my phone just produces an indistinct blur on the horizon.

Recently I’ve been doing a loop on my bike taking in Saundersfoot, Lamphrey (via National Cycle Route 4), Carew Castle, West Williamston, Cresswell Quay (a gorgeous location), and then more back lanes to Saundersfoot. A good winter ride. Cycle route 4 is a great route – certainly the bit around here – low traffic, quiet lanes, historic castles and some excellent cafe and pub possibilities. Google maps says it is about 25 miles, with about 1000′ of climbing (and so 1000′ of downhill too!). There’s usually other cyclists on this route – which is nice because after cycling the back lanes of Ilkley and Burnsall we got used to heaps of bike riders and it’s nice to see a few here too.

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2 Responses to Just how far away is that dot on the sea’s edge…?

  1. Barbara says:

    Wow – fantastic photo. Glad you have found a good cycling route.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Barbara – I shall try to get a photo of the coast of Devon on a clear day – you can see it, honest! Best wishes, Steve