First Puncture on the Leeds-Bradford Bike Route

My first puncture on the Bradford – Leeds Superhighway, due to a 1″ nail. Didn’t look like a deliberate sabotage since there was only one nail, and I managed to run over it! Well someone had too and the bang it made when the tyre punctured was perhaps worth the trouble. So my hardshell gatorskin met its match, though it is a couple of year’s old now. Didn’t take long to throw in another tube, though I will mend the old one. I’ve been using the ‘superhighway’ for just over a year, on and off, and I can’t say usage has increased at all as far as I can tell. It’s generally lightly used in Bradford, more heavily used during the rush hour in Leeds. Most people don’t cycle and Bradford is a tough place to start. Superhigway is a misnomer, it’s a discontinuous strip of tarmac alongside a roaring mass of metal and fumes. Miss Marple would not venture forth. The Thornbury area usually has some parked cars in the cycle superhighway just for extras!

I’m always amused by the people that walk in the cycle way while staring at their phone and listening to music on their headphone. These are people with a serious disconnection problem, though they think they are super connected. In my current Jean Giono book, Les Trois Arbres de Palzem, he predicts the failure of cinema and television in favour of the livre de poche, the paperback suited to the pocket, on the grounds that TV and cinema don’t engage the imagination in the way that a book does, that they are very rarely works of genius in the way that a book can be when it meets with a receptive mind. The reason he gives for this is that films are made in a compressed bit of time, they lack the leisure and time that goes into a book. Well, it’s debatable but he was a film maker so perhaps he should know. He’s probably right in that livre de poche has surely done far more good to the world than the TV and cinema, which  are, of course, just Plato’s cave and its misdirection all over again. Ah, but what about Antiques Roadshow, Wildlife Programming, etc? Wildlife programming is interesting since it usually delights in an exotic pristine environment far away and is precisely the sort of misdirection that the TV specialises in. If only it showed the desperate plight of the birds of BD3, with an ever decreasing habitat, as wasteland is in-filled and a yard is where  you park your car, and the few large trees getting ever fewer…  I think we’ll jet off to a National Park in Malaysia…

The wickedness of diesel is ever more apparent – amongst this week’s stories there was a medical report about the correlation between particulate air pollution and Alzheimers. It is, of course, difficult to prove that the first caused the second. One snag about the bike route is that it parallels a very busy road and so the cyclist does get hit by a fair amount of air pollution at rush hour. At least a bike rider is likely to notice the stink, whereas in a car with the air freshener making the driver think of woodland glades s/he may be completely oblivious to what’s going on in his/her lungs.

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