The Bees Favourite…

bee and agastacheAgastache is a favourite with bees. There are some modestly popular cultivars, such as Mosquito Plant (doesn’t sound as good does it?) and Anise Hyssop. They are good for making herbal tea from the leaves. It’s worth planting just for the pleasure of seeing a parade of bees visit it. It’s on a par with bergamot for bees. Most of the bees visiting my agastache are not honey bees, and I imagine there are no hives very near (though perhaps the local allotments about a mile away have some). There are plenty of buff tailed and quite a few small dark bees. The neighbours have worried about whether they will sting, but this is, of course, very unlikely. They are no effectively no risk at all to us, whereas the human overpopulation is slowly killing them off with loss of habitat (as the concrete spreads over our local patch of rough ground!), loss of forage (agastache, etc), and disease spread by human’s wandering from continent to continent at an historically unprecendented rate. So plant some agastache, it will help to stop colonies dying out. But above all plant it because of the pleasure that bee watching and identifying should bring to you.

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