Gardening Competitions!

The yard is blooming, as it should do in late June. In the photo you can see the following in bloom – fuchsias, roses, feverfew, geraniums, honeysuckle. You can’t quite see the sweet peas that are just starting to bloom on the railings. The feverfew, in two different forms, has self seeded widely. There’s one variety with a big yellow centre, and another that’s almost entirely white with a tiny centre. The roses are a bit difficult to see, and are Munstead Wood roses from David Austin down in Albrighton. They are a superb rose, having lots of scent, a gorgeous purpley red colour, and a nice variation of form as they go from a tight bud to, by the end, a fairly open form. The other roses are starting to flower too, notably the Golden Celebration, which does have a particularly good rose scent. The honeysuckle is easy to see and is the bees favourite. This year even more than previously, it is absolutely covered in bees. The rough ground nearby is being built on so they are probably starving for food. The bees vary – but very few honey bees are present, it’s particulary buff tailed and small black bees. For areas with a lot of social housing, you need a social plan for ecology, community gardening areas. Perhaps a flat should come with a plant to look after. The mint won’t be allowed to flower since I need it for my tea: apple, pineapple, eau-de-cologne and peppermint mints. The lemon balm is having a good year, and similarly won’t get to flower until late in the year, if at all since it’s great in tea, along with the lemon verbena that survived the winter (surrounded by water bottles to stop it freezing, worked well).

There is a BD3 gardening competition, which is a great idea. I haven’t noticed many people doing very much with their yards around here, though there are one or two bit of veg and some impressive large shrubs / small trees. Along Leeds Old Road there are a few impressive front gardens to terraces, hanging baskets and blooms looking great. To conclude, a Munstead Wood rose…

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