A Plastic Free Lent

Today, being Ash Wednesday, is a suitable day for thinking about what’s going on in your heart, what conflicts are you engaged in, what hopes do you have, how worthy are any of them…? Since I’ve signed several petitions, especially the one from Surfers Against Sewage in favour of Plastic Free Coastlines (which you should certainly sign if you care about your planet), I’m going to try for a Plastic Free Lent. This is not going to be easy. Most of the veg I eat come wrapped in plastic, my bread is wrapped in a plastic bag, my orange juice is in a plastic bottle. So fairly tricky. I can buy loose veg from the organic shop or even Tesco, bake my own bread and eat oranges rather than orange juice though.

It does have a positive side – I don’t have to stop drinking beer or eating chocolate. Even if it proves rather tougher than I’d like, I’m sure I will learn just how plasticized my life is.

[update] Why do supermarkets provide only plastic bags for their loose fruit and veg? It is possible to not bother with any bag at all, tho’ you can lose your veg over the floor if you aren’t careful and look like a crazy person chasing your veg. It’s pretty much impossible to get milk that isn’t in a plastic bottle, so I’ve compromised there, though I’ve tried moving over to cartons of soya milk (plastic closey thingies though and probably less recycleable than plastic milk bottles). Perhaps I could just give up plastic which is hard to recycle or is single use? Chocolate fortunately mostly comes in paper and foil.

As an aside, I noticed the first Spring flowers in my yard – an iris reticulata is fully out and some tulips are just starting to show colour (it’s a Kaufmannia tulip, very early, ‘early harvest’ I think). A single daffodil is also showing a little yellow. Of course, the sarcoccoca and wallflowers have been in blossom since just after Christmas. On a dull day in Bradford, with everyone on their phones and half the town going through red lights, speeding or dumping mattresses, it’s something to treasure. I’ll post a photo when I’m at home in good light…

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