New Year, Same Route over the Moors

Nicely mild and a little bit foggy last weekend. Occasionally drizzly, and fewer people out than recently. But the sun did shine briefly during the afternoon. Sunlight on distant hills is a wonderful thing, as is the mystery of trees in the mist. I did notice one tree starting to produce blossom, perhaps this is a sign of climate change – it has been a remarkably mild winter so far. Just for once I tried the Cavendish Pavilion Tea Room, which was, unsurprisingly perhaps, much more expensive than the Farm Shop cup of tea (‘A Good Idea’) that I normally have. Prefer the farm shop and I missed the robin that hops around looking for a crumb when you sit outside the farm shop. The cycling fraternity looks so much healthier than the average person in the tearooms, pretty much an advert for cycling.

Having fun choosing Jane Austen DVDs – which is the best version for each of the six major novels? Some people worry about the production standards, other people about the characterisation and authenticity (to the novels). Chose a few for my mum going for authenticity rather than big names or high snazzy production values. In the end Austen is about a subtle portrayal of the human heart and if that is not central then it has no life. A bit like seeing the countryside from a bike, in all its subtlety, versus a high budget version of the countryside from the seat of a posh car. What a shame Jane Austen lived before the age of the bike – though I believe she used a very ordinary dog cart for heading to the shops, something practical rather than showy (I remember seeing it at the Jane Austen house in Chawton, Hampshire…).

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