Back home…

On the way back we visited Liverpool’s U Boat Story Museum, which has a remarkable U boat cut into sections for easy viewing. The U boat is the U534 – I’ve linked in the wikipedia article. Fascinating because it was never captured but was deliberately sunk at the end of the war, leading to all sorts of exciting rumours about missing Nazis and gold. Doesn’t seem like any was found. It’s pretty rusty but really gives a sense of the size and power of these things – and we saw a British one coming back from France, so it was a nice contrast.

The floral side of our holiday was something I’d not thought about – all those fuchsia hedges, crocosmia, hebes and honeysuckle. And unexpectedly warm and sunny at the end too so swimming was a pleasure in such a clear sea. As usual, evenings were spent reading. I read Charlotte Bronte’s The Professor, reading the free ebook on Gutenberg. A book which has a rather ethnic focus, Anglo Saxon values triumph, and is oddly rude about the Flemish. I’m not sure how successful is the attempt to think through a male role by a woman author, in this instance. The idea of writing a novel where people have to make a living is pretty good, this isn’t Jane Austen so no-one can rely on a decent thousand a year plus a carriage and four (so there’s less pleasurable fantasy than there is with Austen!). The Yorkshire element is a delight and very believable, sadly Bradford hasn’t changed that much. Well worth reading. I also read Patrick O’Brian’s The Nutmeg of Consolation, a set of historical novels set during the Napoleonic Wars and around which I’m circulating – 4th read through at the moment. They are brilliant. I left The Benn Diaries behind due to weight considerations (hardback, 800 pages).

The picture is not Liverpool of course, it is the Five Fingers of Inishowen. As you can see, it was getting a bit late when we got there, and we were not yet at the Sandrock Hostel so we were in a hurry. But it was worth a detour. A rather moody view, on a late Summer evening.

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