Saturday 27th August – From Bushmills to Ballycastle – c. 45 miles.

Given that it is only about 12 miles between our start and our finish today, by a direct route, it is all the more impressive that we managed to add over 30 miles to that! We achieved this by going to the severely touristed Dark Hedges – famous apparently from some Game of Thrones TV faux medieval boobs and bimbo fest which I’ve luckily managed to miss. But the Dark Hedges are wonderful trees, ancient (300 yr old, which is old for a beech) trees, and put up with excessive motor cars and people parking over their roots. We got a bit lost getting there and then we had to get to the Giant’s Causeway, but we reached Ballycastle before we reached Carrick y Rede ropebridge – this was ludicrous really, people paying £6 to do a nice bit of coast and walk over a short ropebridge – and there were queues!

Then the Giant’s Causeway – great but £9.50 for non-Nat Trust members. It’d be nice to remove all the car parks and visitor centres and let people find this place by  walking the coast path unaided by road or audio guide… Then a circuitous route back, trying to avoid the dreadful traffic – many vehicles find it difficult to overtake a bike because their vehicle is a huge thing that struggles to fit on the road, the road itself is windy and sometimes narrow, and there’s a continuous stream of traffic coming the other way. Not so good, you feel in the way. Makes you doubt the wisdom of the whole mega tourism phenomena, doing a hyped set of tourist experiences without too much in the way of rhyme or reason. Anyway we wound back very circuitously indeed, ending up lost, to Ballycastle where we rapidly found our hostel, shopped and ate. Ballycastle was in party mood, it’s a bit of a seaside funfair sort of place today – indeed the funfair was right by us. and the Lammas Fair starts tomorrow, but we’ll be cycling out of town…

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