Tuesday 23rd August 2016 From Gortin to Londonderry, c. 43 miles

Some kind of sheep market occupied most of the night, but I was so sleepy that it made little difference. I think other people were less sanguin. Ate loads of sachets of microwave porridge to build up our carbs – poor value for money but we can’t face choco stuff. Out to the north to Plumbridge, then out on the B47 to Cranagh where we fortunately noticed the road over the pass in the Sperrin Mtns that goes to Park. Up a lovely moorland road and then down and down to Park, rain petering out now and then to Claudy. Just after Claudy we got on the quiet lane on the opposite side of the valley to avoid the A6. This got us all the way into Londonderry. Wandered around – wonderful city walls, dubious murals tho’ impressive. Art and violence is a not unfamiliar combination but… Still some high fences around so that people feel safe from being attacked. Learnt about the siege of Londonderry by James II (not the only siege). The hostel is a friendly place – a retired californian gave me his blog address after an enjoyable chat about cycling (he’s done the complete west coast of the USA by bike) and travel see playtime77.blogspot.com. Tomorrow we’ll visit the Tower Museum, which I think has a history of the troubles. I think it’s great to put your troubles in a museum, but the hope is no doubt that they just might stay there.

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