20th August 2016 Getting to Belfast

Rainy and windy crossing that took c. 8hrs. Not so full so pleasant really. Saw Isle of Man (we went to the east of it and felt the reduced swell) and the Mull of Galloway (I said Mull of Kintyre to someone who said what’s that land over there, oh dear…). Belfast is in party mood on a sat night, even now in bed i can hear music and voices. Tried to drink at The Crown (Nat Trust pub) but big queues to get a drink. Visited the nearby Wetherspoons which was so big even the crowds could be coped with – seemed all English or Scottish beers… We will be woken at dead of night by the other members of the room returning from a boozy night out… And indeed we were woken and Guy had evidently taken someone else’s bed but they just quietly moved to another at some early hour of the morning, slightly boozy and carrying various clothes.. Impressively¬† quiet really.

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