Autumn Sunshine, Windsurfing

The picture is from a day out, two weeks ago, at Batsford Arboretum. The quality of light is what I liked -the sort of light you only get under trees in sunshine. Also went to Westonbirt, which was a bit too busy for comfort. You wonder whether the fuss about acers, which were the stars of the Westonbirt autumn display, is a bit overdone, yes they have very impressive colours but oaks, beech and limes, to name but a few, also have wonderful colours too, and also have interesting leaf shapes.

I went windsurfing last weekend on Carsington Water, in the Peak District, in a moderate to fresh (but impressively steady out of the water) SSW wind. Wonderful since I’ve not windsurfed for a couple of months. My ancient (over 20 years old) Starlit Wave shortboard was used – and once again was as fast and sometimes faster than the latest boards out on the water. Progress, schmogress. It jumps nicely, on chop as well as waves, and turns very well too. Cloudy, but so mild, and the water not really cold yet either. Some nice duck gybes… Carsington Water is not ideal in winds that are mostly westerly (difficult to get back to the sailing centre) but with lots of south in it, the wind was perfect during the afternoon. This thing about not being windsurf designs not seeming to get any better is interesting. It is very likely that boards are a bit more comfy on the feet, nicer straps, etc, but other than that it looks more like just locking people into an upgrade cycle by telling them, as with mobiles, that they need, oh so much, some trivial additional feature that really, well, they don’t need.

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