Late Flowering Cosmos

It’s pretty much November and the cosmos, not yet hit by frost, has finally decided to give it all it’s got. Better late than never. The rudbeckias are excellent and more than ever, and there’s even a solitary, probably final, dahlia (Bishop’s Children) flowering. The hebe is, of course, continuing to flower. So the yard is a mixture of yellow and purpley-pink, a pleasant combination.

The bike rides are getting shorter, more just a bike ride up to Bolton Abbey via Ilkley now. But, of course, the colours are impressive. The great majority of cyclists look racy – carbon predominates. What happened to the idea of slow travel – enjoying the colours of the season, the social side of cycling? Speed is exciting but it’s not all there is to cycling, of course. Sociable moderate, even slow, cycling is great. My bike weighs about twice most of the bikes on the Otley – Ilkley – Bolton Abbey route, but it isn’t the only reason I’m going more slowly. As usual, came back over Ilkley Moor, an excellent route and a great climb.

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