Winter Bike Rides

A freezing day for a bike ride, which started dry and became wetter and wetter. We went over Ilkley Moor where the horizontal rain turned to horizontal sleet. But great to be out and about. And as ever, great views, such as the lovely line of trees as you come off Ilkley Moor into the Aire Valley. I suppose I was thinking it looked a bit like that picture by David Hockney – I’ll try to find a link – of a East Yorkshire woodland. And the trees are just starting to think about bursting into leaf, just thinking…. The picture was taken on my mobile phone so it’s not particularly neat – I just quickly joined the two photos together. Gives the idea though.

I’ve been wondering what I should give up for Lent, if anything. Well, perhaps plastic? Don’t buy anything plastic in Lent – unless it’s very easy to recycle? Give up online shopping? Give up amazon perhaps? I think I’ll not buy anything from amazon – unless it’s a gift. And I’ll do something too – perhaps 40 bits of recycleable rubbish picked off the streets of Bradford for the 40 days of Lent? That sounds OK. Apart from the tramp like aspect of this, it’s very easy since Bradford is dense with rubbish, under most bushes, in most undergrowth. Locals treat greenery as if it were a bin. With this sort of attitude we’re going to close down the future of the human species I guess. Still, 40 pieces of rubbish for the 40 days….

[Later] Reading the website, how laughable that anyone would think it news that younger Brits have poor economic prospects – ‘No country for young men -
UK’s widening generation gap over income’. Well, having made them take on debt to go to university (even if mostly written off), pay way over the top for houses, lose the final salary pension and compete with a globalised job market in every bit of the UK, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that things don’t look too good. It is very unfair, but perhaps not quite as unfair as young men dying in an old man’s war (1914 and all that). The real question is do they have the political togetherness to change anything? Too busy on Facebook perhaps, politics is so yesterday.Perhaps that’s the appeal of the philosophically rather limited Russell Brand – at least he says something has got to change. However, I’d bet on the pensioners (not on Facebook) getting themselves together better to defend their rights.

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