Cedar City to Milford – 4th May 2014 (58 miles, 55 miles on route)

Today’s 50+ miles were completed in slightly alarming time due to a very strong SSW wind. So although we set out a little late at about 10.30am we arrived in Milford at about 3.30pm, having done about 57 miles. I reached an unusually high max speed today of 39mph when coming down from today’s 6570′ summit. And even the average speed was over 15mph.

We headed out from Cedar City along the north going 130, which goes downhill initially then steadily uphill to reach today’s max height – 6570′ as said. Then we went through Minersville, then a flattish 15 or so miles to Milford. The wind was so strong that there were small dust storms. We occasionally could see snow on distant high mountains – to the east and to the north.

Milford on a Sunday is very quiet, the Lions RV Park which we had intended to camp in has neither toilets nor showers nor water – while suitable suitable for the self-contained RV it’s a bit limited for a sweaty cyclist. When we saw a motel advertising $35 for a room we were keen. Wow, that’s our cheapest room. The Station Motel is pretty decent – as I write the microwave is busy heating me a cup of tea, indeed you can do a decent pasta and sauce with a microwave and a plastic tub. I asked the owner if many cyclists stayed here and he said that we are two weeks behind a globe trotting Brit who showed him photos on his phone of his global bike ride. We were intrigued but as he didn’t remember any blog or full name it remains a mystery.

As it is, our short day has left us afloat on tea and with time to read! Tomorrow we will leave a bit early because it’s a rather long way to the next town – no place to stay for 84 miles (indeed by then we will have left Utah and reached Nirvana, sorry I mean Nevada. If the wind is difficult then it may be a bit of a long day…

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