Getting our Bikes on Route 66 – Friday 25th April (56 miles, tho’ about 53 on route)

Today was made a great deal easier by a moderate to strong SSW wind that pushed us from Chino Valley to Ash Fork on the 89 and then uphill along the Interstate I40 until Williams and a fragment of route 66 (I think most of the rest around here is under the interstate). I still have a chill but my appetite recovered by Ash Fork where after a few moments of snoozing on a shop’s picnic bench I filled up with coffee and ice-cream, which powered me (along with the tailwind) up the 1500′ hill to Williams along the interstate.

We found the Railside RV Park where the manageress kindly suggested that we sleep in the clubroom because a storm is forecast. Indeed it could be so severe that snow falls and cycling is off for a day. We are not sure – we have been warned of imminent golfball sized hail (rained for 30 mins) and 50 mph winds (perhaps 10mph) at other stages of the journey so we’ll wait and see.

Williams seems a great place to be stuck for the day, picturesque, with lots of shops (not that we can buy anything that would need carrying – apart from food), including a Safeway (hoorah!). At the moment the wind is indeed howling but it doesn’t seem so very cold. We shall see…

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One Response to Getting our Bikes on Route 66 – Friday 25th April (56 miles, tho’ about 53 on route)

  1. Sara says:

    Great blog, great pics. Good luck for the rest of the journey. Hope you will have enough energy remaining to make your annual pilgrimage to Pembs. Weather lovely, springlike here. Masses of wild flowers on the coastal path. Pob hwyl! Sara