To Mamou – 24th March 2014 (79 miles, 65 on route)

Motels are, in theory, a faster start to the day than camping since you don’t pack up a tent. Generally it is faster but if the day is cold and the motel sufficiently comfy a motel can be slower than camping. Fortunately the sun was shining so we were  off at about  10 to 10am. Once again getting back onto the route took a couple of miles of cycling. The wind, though light, was either side wind or a tailwind so we made pretty good time across a very flat landscape. We saw an arboretum at Chico Bayou State Park, which had some huge magnolias, and a variety of oaks, scrub oak and live oak, etc, with a comment on their use. Boiled (removes the tannin) and salted acorns are the thing for the early settler.

We finally chose the Cazan Hotel which did us a rather a good deal (45$ for the room). We never found the motel (Bamboo Lounge)

Today was the day of the funeral for Dave Robey. an excellent treasurer for the Topic Folk Club. I will miss his songs and stories – though especially his own songs and I hope someone has the words for ‘Bus to Tabor’ and also his song about being unemployed in the 80s, oh and also his song about skegness seaside holidays as a child. A book of stories and songs is, perhaps, lost.

This place is the heart of Cajun but we don’t get the sense that there’s much music here – it all seems to be at the weekend. Not one note of accordeon has been heard. A lot of rap music has spilt, wearyingly, out of cars but why no accordeons?

The rice fields looked beautiful iin the late afternoon with small white birds, cranes(?), scattered on the odd tuft of grass between the paddies.

We walked to the supermarket and felt very out of place – there are few sidewalks and plenty of cars. People don’t walk partly because it isn’t that easy to walk along the road -the private lawn comes right to the road and we see no footpaths. Even a bike is easier than that. We realise that there has been no recycling and no carbon neutral talk at any point in the last three weeks. Gasoline is $3.20 or so per gallon (just about £2 at the current exchange rate) and ribbon development stretches for miles and miles. A world unfussed by global warming and resource depletion? Seems so but I guess it can’t last too long before rising ocean levels, odd weather and a few resource pinches even reach here. Perhaps the days of the big truck are numbered, owning one looks like a big financial burden… But apart from the poor black man doing his shopping by bike (and wisely saving a fortune) no-one else is cycling around these Louisiana roads. A bike is an event.

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One Response to To Mamou – 24th March 2014 (79 miles, 65 on route)

  1. Martin Dabrowski says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you gentlemen this afternoon. I’ll be checking in regularly to see your progress and reverse reading to see what I’m in for. And I agree with your comments about recycling, etc. I find it surprising that here in Louisiana and Texas they don’t recycle. Up in Washington we have garbage bins, recycling bins and yard waste bins. And the trash along the roads is mind boggling.

    Well, enjoy the ride, it’ll get better.